The best babysitter on the planet: This cat has absolutely nailed multitasking

Just so adorable!

[video width="288" height="360" mp4=""][/video]

So awesome! Then some people think when they have a baby they need to get rid of or abandon or even re-home their kitty. All of them who feel that way need to see this delightful video. The cute video attracts thousands of people on the Internet. This cat has absolutely nailed multitasking when she can swing the hammock of the baby who is sleeping well. After watching the adorable video, the people who have kids must want to have this multitasking cat, or maybe they will discover any way to train the cat this kind of skill. So now, watching the video and check out the super talent of the cat!

Kids and cats seem to work well together

Both of them are so cute

Do you all think that this cat is better at multitasking than you?

Someone stuck the cat’s claw to the string

The kitty is helping the baby to sleep well

Never mind the multitasking thing, whoever got their cat to do this is a bloody genius, why not share this with friends and family?



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