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Woman Wanted a Cat that Nobody Would Adopt and Found 20-year-old Kitty Waiting for Her

A 20-year-old cat named Diesel suddenly found himself at a shelter.

Confused, he waited quietly in his kennel, hoping someone would come to take him home.

A few days ago, Tracie Peddy from Kitt Crusaders, a rescue group in Los Angeles, came across a sweet super senior cat at a city shelter. He was surrendered after his owners divorced and couldn't keep him. Tracie sent out a plea on Facebook and hoped someone special could open their door and hearts to this deserving boy.

Thais Yamamoto, who has adopted her previous two kitties from Kitt Crusaders, learned about Diesel's story that afternoon.

"I've always wanted a senior cat or one with special needs — I wanted a cat that nobody would adopt. Kittens are easily adopted so I waited for my special cat," Thais told Love Meow.

When she saw Diesel and his age, something just clicked. "I didn't think twice and sent Crusaders a message. They arranged for me to pick up Diesel the very next day at West LA shelter."…

The woman who booked hotel rooms for 70 homeless people in Chicago during the polar vortex says she impulsively rented rooms on her credit card before crowdfunding on Facebook

Candice Payne acquired hotel rooms on Wednesday for a group of 70 homeless people stranded in Chicago without heat.
She said she impulsively priced 20 rooms to her credit card after hearing that the fire department had seized the propane tanks the group was using to stay heated.
She then turned to Facebook for help gathering money for the group, and donations poured in.
She and the group of angels have raised enough money to pay for the group to stay in hotel rooms into the end of the week.

The woman who reserved hotel rooms for 70 homeless people in Chicago during the polar vortex has lectured out about her act of kindness.

Candice Payne told CBS Chicago that she impulsively charged 20 hotel chambers on her American Express card after hearing that 70 homeless people were stranded with no source of warmth near Chicago's University Village/Little Italy neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon when temperatures were below zero over the city.

The group had been left without heat sources after t…

Miriam Adelson was awarded Medal of Freedom after donating $500k to Trump aides’ legal expenses

The Adelsons were the largest donors to Trump's campaign other than Trump.
In the last three months of last year, 2018, GOP megadonors Sheldon and Miriam Adelson gave $500,000 to a capital set up to pay legal fees incurred by aides to President Donald Trump; The Washington Post published Thursday night.

Contributions to the fund are explicitly allocated to pay expenses for aides covered up in the investigation into whether Russia conspired with the Trump campaign. The Adelsons donated $250,000 apiece on October the 1. Just a little over 1 month later, Trump granted Miriam Adelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Before getting the medal, the Adelsons donated $30 million to Trump’s presidential drive in the final months of the 2016 run, and last year, donated $100 million to several Republican candidates and GOP-aligned PACs in the midterm elections. In fact, as Open Secrets recorded last fall, other than Trump himself, the Adelsons were the biggest donors to the Trump campaign. The…

Dog Farts While Sleeping, But Cat Resting Behind just Can’t Ignore That

If you are an owner of both canine and feline, then you know how much they cannot stand each other. Besides, you know how much your cat is sneaky and ready to attack while how much your dog seeks consideration. Somehow, though, you perpetually find yourself caught up in between these to snapping at each other.

The person who captured the viral video below found himself in a comparable video while catching what seemed like a normal relaxing time in bed. However, just a few seconds later, he ends up capturing something that would make him chuckle for years.

While the pet owner of the cat and the dog was videotaping them just relaxing on the bed, the camera documents a rather unpleasant sound—of his dog’s fart. The unfortunate pooch must have involuntarily let out the air in him in his sleep. Nevertheless, the cat seems to be totally bummed by it.

He seems to be incapable to ignore what the dog had just done and gives the dog an outraged look. But then, he does something interesting that wo…