Dog Farts While Sleeping, But Cat Resting Behind just Can’t Ignore That

If you are an owner of both canine and feline, then you know how much they cannot stand each other. Besides, you know how much your cat is sneaky and ready to attack while how much your dog seeks consideration. Somehow, though, you perpetually find yourself caught up in between these to snapping at each other.

The person who captured the viral video below found himself in a comparable video while catching what seemed like a normal relaxing time in bed. However, just a few seconds later, he ends up capturing something that would make him chuckle for years.

While the pet owner of the cat and the dog was videotaping them just relaxing on the bed, the camera documents a rather unpleasant sound—of his dog’s fart. The unfortunate pooch must have involuntarily let out the air in him in his sleep. Nevertheless, the cat seems to be totally bummed by it.

He seems to be incapable to ignore what the dog had just done and gives the dog an outraged look. But then, he does something interesting that would teach the very innocent pooch a good lesson of habits.

The cat, from all of a sudden, sticks out his paw on to the dog’s head and gives him two swift smacks. The poor dog, deep in sleep awakens up and has no idea what just transpired. But he couldn’t care less. He is apparently too used to the cat bullying him, so he quietly goes back to sleep.

Watch the hilarious cat-dog situation in the video below and don't forget to share this too:

[video width="460" height="244" mp4=""][/video]


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