Belly Fat Road Train: Top 8 best Exercises for a Flat & Tight Belly

Are you completely finished with your tummy and overweight? Understandable!

Overweight and excess abdominal fat raises the chance of prosperity diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, let's be honest, besides for all sorts of health reasons, a bloated belly is of course also not a sight.

However, do not panic! Because fortunately you can train off belly fat and get a flat stomach with the right tips and exercises that will be discussed in detail in this answer.

Why belly fat is dangerous for your health

Every human body requires fat in order to function. A low-fat percentage (smaller than 5%) can even be toxic to your organs and health.

Do not confuse a few pounds of overweight with excess belly fat alone. It is the fat in the abdominal cavity that can cause significant health problems.

Excess belly fat is very unhealthy. It is consequently important that you deal with excess fat around your waist as quickly as possible. How you do that exactly I explain to you later in the article.

For now, it is essential to check if you suffer from excess belly fat. Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference around your waist.

Are you in the danger zone?

Discharging abdominal fat can significantly decrease the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even cancer.

Have you ever heard of the term ' skinny fat '? Those are people who are slim eyes but still too fat. They suffer from a lot of visceral fat, which refers to fat around the liver and other organs in the abdomen.

The dangerous thing is that these people look normal, but still carry excess belly fat, which means they have an increased risk of health problems.

That is why it is vital that you check whether you suffer from this. In that case, it is essential that you roll off excess belly fat as quickly as possible.

Over the past decades, people have generally become less active and start eating worse. This has played a significant role in obesity and obesity.

Common prosperity diseases of today that people had no trouble with just a hundred years ago.

A large-scale and long-term study in the United States that lasted no less than twelve years found that people started to move less and less, resulting in overweight and larger waist circumference.

An inactive lifestyle can cause a significant increase in abdominal fat.

This study even suggests that inactivity contributes to the recovery of abdominal fat after you have become overweight.

Do you make unnecessary mistakes that slow down the weight loss?

Abdominal fat away with the magic trio

You've probably seen Tel Spell-like home shopping programs on television where fitness models promote products that burn belly fat and train abdominal muscles.

And what does that look great!

Do a few repetitions on that magic abdominal machine every day, and you'll get that flat belly of your dreams in no time. I would immediately sign for that!

However, let me immediately drop in with the door:

Abdominal fat away with abdominal exercises? Unfortunately not!

I admit, at first, it seems quite logical to think that abdominal exercises will make you burn belly fat and get a tight stomach.

Nothing is less true.

reducing body fat
Doing hundreds of crunches in a day makes little sense if your fat percentage is much too high.

You train your abdominal muscles, but they do not become visible because they are hidden under a thick layer of body fat.
Where fat is stored is primarily a genetic issue. You do not influence that. What you do have an influence on is to lower your overall body fat percentage so that your abdominal muscles can finally be seen.

Remove the belly fat with the right food.

As you can see from this pie chart above, nutrition is extremely important to get a flat stomach.

Why is nutrition so important?

Because healthy eating and thinking about what you put in your mouth is many times more effective than just being busy with abdominal exercises.

It takes a whole lot of time and energy to burn 500 to 1000 calories through physical movement. People often think that if they start running or jogging, they will quickly burn fat.

After some time they get frustrated because training belly fatigue is more complicated than expected. Lose weight with running is the dumbest thing you can do if you want to get a tight stomach.

What you should and should not eat is much more critical than focusing only on physical training or aerobic activity such as jogging or running.

Research into physical activity and overweight confirms this. An American study shows that people with overweight barely lose weight and burn body fat if they are only engaged in sports and do not adjust their diet.

Besides, healthy nutrition reduces a swollen or swollen belly. An upset digestion can cause bloating and abdominal distention.

Compound exercises also called compound exercises in Dutch, are fitness exercises where you address several muscle groups at the same time.

Because they tackle more muscle groups at once, they are very efficient to do.

Most abdominal exercises only isolate the abdominal muscles. As a result, other muscle groups in the body are not or hardly trained.

So if you only do abdominal exercises, you will miss the benefits of compound exercises.

Compound exercises are useful to get a flat stomach because:

  1. You burn more calories during exercise

  2. The largest muscle groups are trained so that you get more muscle definition

A combination of a healthy diet and specific tasks is the best way to burn calories and finally lose body fat.

If you as a woman now think that compound exercises are only for men, then I suppose you might be wrong.

By working intensively with compound exercises, you not only burn stubborn body fat but in time you also get a tighter and more attractive body.
Do you want a sample weight loss weekly menu incl? Recipes and shopping list?

Abdominal fat away with abdominal exercises

When it comes to the abdominal muscles, it is essential to know that the rectal abdominal ( rectus abdominis ) provide the famous six-pack.

  • In men, the abdominal muscles only become visible when a fat percentage of 12% or lower is reached.

  • In women, the proportions are somewhat different, and the lines become visible at 18% or lower.

You now know that with abdominal exercises you can not burn local abdominal fat and that compound exercises are excellent to get a slimmer and athletic body.

You have also read that proper nutrition, and calorie restriction is the essential condition for getting a flat stomach.

What is the role of abdominal exercises you wonder!

Well, abdominal exercises are incredibly essential to make your abdominal muscles stronger and more muscular.

Even if your abdominal muscles are still hidden under a layer of fat, that does not mean that you should not train them.

With abdominal exercises, you make the core of your body stronger.

Abdominal muscles not only protect critical internal organs, but they also ensure better stability of your trunk, better body posture and the reduction of back pain.
To summarise: it is the combination of the three most essential parts that will ensure that you lose weight, lose belly fat and get a more attractive body.

Dedicate abdominal fat with 3 bonus tips

Besides the three parts of the above model to get belly fat away, there are other simple things you can do in daily life to speed up the burning of body fat.

Tip # 1: Sleep enough

One of the things I like most at the weekend is sleeping late. Get enough sleep now also very important to avoid a big belly.

I will explain to you exactly how that works:
An American study, in which more than eleven hundred men were involved, shows that there is a connection between little sleep and the amount of abdominal fat. Men sleeping 5 hours or less per night are at higher risk of building up fat reserves.

Therefore, be sensible and take your necessary hours of sleep for 6 hours or more.

Tip # 2: Do strength training

If you still doubt between aerobic activities and strength training ..

When training away from your fat is your goal then you better choose fitness and strength training.

Prolonged research of 12 years among more than ten thousand men has shown that strength training is a better method to keep your fat percentage low than aerobic exercises such as running and cycling.
Yes, it is true that you burn more calories during a running session than if you would exercise for an hour, but as you get older, muscle mass plays an increasingly important role.

The older we become, the less muscle we have left. With every kilogram of muscle mass that we lose, we burn fewer calories. In other words, the old age process makes us fatter.
Aerobic exercise hardly leads to the production of muscle growth. Strength training does that and stops this process.

This is similarly one of the reasons why women should start with fitness and strength training.

It is a fable to think that women should only do cardio and leave the weights.

As a woman, you do not have to be afraid that you get muscled too quickly, because it will not run fast. Muscle growth is a complex and lengthy process.

Tip # 3: Start with interval training (HIIT)

Are you familiar with high interval intensity training

Interval training is a popular training method for quickly burning fat and building fitness.

The purpose of interval training is to alternate intensive periods of explosiveness and high intensity with short breaks of rest.

For example, you lay down a course with obstacles and then take dozens of seconds to catch your breath and then lower your heart rate.
Only seven interval training sessions prove to be sufficient to increase fat burning by as much as 36 per cent. Researchers examined eight young adult women. The female participants exchanged interval training two long with a rest day.

Because it takes a lot of your body an interval training is not for everyone, but one of the better methods for rapid fat burning and getting a flat stomach.

8 Best exercises for getting a tight stomach

With the exercises below, both your abdominal muscles and the largest muscle groups are intensively addressed.

Do at least 4 sets per exercise and 12 repetitions per set.
It has never been easier to train abdominal fat. As mentioned earlier, a too high-fat percentage can only be addressed if your diet is in order.

Exercise # 1: Front squat

The front squat is a composite exercise that provides core stability and muscle strength in the buttocks and hamstrings.

Exercise # 2: Reverse leg raise

The reverse leg raise is an isolation exercise for both your abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 3: Side Plank

The side shelf is a great isolation exercise that helps to develop your abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 4: Power-wheel

The power wheel is an abdominal exercise that you can perform with both a wheel and a barbell rod.

Exercise # 5: Deadlifts

With a compound exercise such as the deadlift, you address every muscle fibre in your body. No other compound exercise is so powerful when it comes to fat burning and muscle building.

Exercise # 6: Squats

Squatting is a composite exercise that tackles the whole body and also puts your gluteals to work.

Exercise # 7: Put climbers

The leg climber is a useful exercise for developing the abdominal muscles.

Exercise # 8: Ballet twist

To conclude this blog I really recommend the ballet twist for getting a flat and tight belly. This exercise focuses both on your oblique abdominal muscles and on the right abdominal muscles.


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