Body fat reduction :the essential tips and rules to guide you on losing excess fat

Reducing body fat can sometimes be tricky and not easy to achieve alone. I decided to make simple rules that you can live by to make you reduce or maintain a healthy body fat content.

1. Thou shalt not drink calories. Period. If you need to lose fat ditch the morning milkshake, the afternoon coke and the evening booze.

Just drink water. If you unquestionably have to drink something with flavour then have a sugar-free lemonade or a diet coke. Also, every moment you feel really tempted to have a drink take a look at this page and look at these numbers:

0,5 L Coca Cola = 197 kcal
0,3 L wine = 250 kcal

0,5 L beer = ~215 kcal

So I have a task to jog for 5 km to compensate for that coke drink? Then I’ll just have water with lemon, please.

2. Eat better, not less. Furthermore, stop counting calories, it will drive you nuts. Just remember one simplistic rule:

protein = good
carbs = bad

fat = mostly good

A diet high in fat and protein will assist you to lose fat. A diet that is high in carbs will add another spare tyre around your belly. When you go for shopping start looking at what you are about to purchase and ask yourself: are there more fats or proteins than carbs in this? If so then put it in the basket – if not then look for an alternative. Moreover, if you’re not sure just read the label. After some time, you will know the answer instinctively. Also, eat a protein-rich meal during the first half hour after waking up. It will significantly reduce your snack cravings in the evening.

3. Avoid white carbs.

Potatoes, Pastry, Bread, pasta, and rice are your enemies in the fight against love handles. It would be best if you avoided them at all cost. I know this looks somehow hard at first. Believe me, and I come from a country where potatoes and bread are part of a well healthy diet – people even eat soup with a meal. However, this foodstuff will make all your other efforts be in vain. Just replace them with something else. After a few weeks time, you won’t even notice they’re gone from your menu.

4. Take your time while eating.

This is a simple fix that is frequently underrated. In our busy lives, we tend to hasten such unimportant duties as eating. We have to make that important phone call, write that critical email and this silly lunch break is just getting in the way. Well, I have some news for you: it’s not just getting in your way, it’s also making you fat. However, only because you let it. So take your time when holding your meal breaks. Reserve at least some 30 minutes to enjoy your meal and you will soon begin seeing results. Eating slowly gives your body more time to absorb the nutrients and send STOP signals to your brain when it’s full. If you speed through your meals, you will not only eat more and get even fatter, but you will further experience postprandial drowsiness – which ends in less work efficiency. So invest some time in your meals. It’s an inexpensive and straightforward solution to lose weight.

5. Drink more of water.

This is true in general throughout your day, but particularly during your meals. Water will quickly make you feel full, and it additionally speeds up the intake of nutrients. Just set yourself an aim to drink at least two glasses of water during every meal. Your kidneys will thank you later.

6. Cultivate your gut bacteria.

Don’t worry, and you don’t have to read all about Shakespeare to them. Your belly intestines are the home of two competing families of bacteria: Bacteroidetes and Firmicutes. The latter correlates with obesity, diabetes, and malnutrition, while the first one dominates in societies that have never ever heard of weight problems. To sustain and grow the right bacteria you have to feed more fermented foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut or camembert. Fermented fish (like Hákarl or Surströmming) is also an option if you can endure the smell. Feed your dirty little helpers continuously, and they will become powerful associates in your fight against fat.

7. Pick your fruits wisely.

Everyone knows fruits are so much healthy. That’s why our moms were encouraging us to eat them, right? Yes and no. While fruits do contain beneficial nutrients, most of them also pack a high amount of fructose (which is basically sugar). Avoid raisins, watermelon, grapes and bananas if you want fruits, pink grapefruit, lemon/lime or strawberries.

8. Skip the whole milk.

Even though it has a low caloric index, whole milk will trigger a significant release of insulin. This is a growth hormone that highly helps you lower blood sugar and grows fat pads. So the next time you go for shopping reach for the low-fat milk. It has essentially the same nutrients but doesn’t trigger an insulin spike.

9. Citrus fruits and cinnamon are your best friends.

They hinder insulin spikes and fight obesity by preventing the formation of fat deposits. They will likewise stop your blood sugar from dropping quickly and having you crave snacks a few hours after your meal. Just drink some lemonade before and during your meal. Moreover, add cinnamon to your sweets and coffee – they will taste better and help you lose fat.

10. Honour thy cheat day.

This is the one you have been waiting for all along. The idea behind it is straightforward: all bets are off on cheat day! You can simply eat what you want when you want. However, you only get one cheat day/week, and it has to be the same day every week. I picked Saturday because it’s when we usually meet with friends and end up eating and drinking a lot.

It’s fundamental to have a cheat day, both mentally and physically. Knowing you will be allowed to empty that Nutella jar or eat that box of doughnuts will give you the strength to stick to the plan throughout the week. I recommend building a bucket list of junk food you crave during the week and hitting those items during cheat day. This caloric mayhem will restrict your body from adjusting to low caloric intake, which is a significant cause of plateaus during fat loss. It will additionally prevent you from going crazy each time you pass a bakery shop.


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