Makita Planer for Woodworking

Makita has been known for producing high class planers for a couple of years.

This has been proven by the increasing demands in Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp 3-1/4-Inch Planer. This is one of the Makita planers which are being sought after by many people.

Makita KP0810 will offer you with great power because of its 7.5 amp motor. Furthermore, this also comes with exact weight as what you are looking for in a planer out there. Specifically, this is built with 7.3 pounds. Additionally, your comfort will be rest assured because of the ergonomically centered balance of Makita KP0810.

The versatility is also taking into consideration when it is being made. This is perfect for door installation, construction of the window and other framing.

Truly, it is known for its high class engineering properties. For long lasting use, this planer is made with durable materials.

You can enjoy the use and the presence of this product for years.

One of your major concerns in purchasing a product is its price.

This is also true when you are planning to buy Makita KP0810. As much as possible, you have to know the price range of the product.

When it comes to this matter, Makita KP0810 comes with price range starting from $1xx up to $3xx. Still, you can find offers lower as this especially if you will compare prices from different online resources.

You can encounter offers which come with one or more year’s warranty.

If you want to use Planer combining accuracy, innovative features as well as a great deal of capacity, this is the best option for you.

  • It comes with planes reaching up to 3-1/4 inches in wide. Moreover, its single pass comes for about 5/32 inches deep.
  • The planer comes with 7.5 amp motor giving the machine with the exact power source needed to complex woodworking tasks.
  • In addition to that, this also comes with double edge carbide blades. This adds extra amazing performance to the product so that high class output will be achieved.
  • The approximate weight is about 7.5 pounds. This is the ideal weight for most needs of woodworkers.
  • Loaded with ergonomically centered balance.
  • The planer also comes with rigid aluminum cast engineered properly so that the tool will last for longer span of time.


  • There are so many reasons why you have to consider this planer.
  • First is that the motor really provides sufficient power source regardless of how complex the tasks you have.
  • What you will also like the most about this product is that this is good for long lasting use. This pertains to the life of Makita KP0810.
  • This lasts for a couple of years which is even longer as the life span of the other planers out there.
  • The ergonomically centered balance is also one of its bests. This makes the product easy to handle without worrying of experiencing stress and problems in the future.
  • Its lightweight properties make the planer easy to transfer from one place to another.


  • As of this time, there are no major complaints concerning this planer.
  • Most of the users have experience purely positive moments with it.
  • This is because of the excellent features incorporated in this product. When it comes to the price, there is nothing to worry about. This is offered in an affordable cost.
  • You do not need to secure high amounts of money just to avail this planer.
  • No doubt why it is one of the best Makita Planers ever made.


To sum up, Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp is one of the best Makita planers for you.

This is even incomparable to the other planers produced by other manufacturers. This will totally offer you with what you are searching for best power planer.

Not to mention that this will not ask too high amounts of money from your pocket. The reviews discussing this product are all positive.

This means that there are no individuals who have experienced any negative attributes about this planer model.

Router Table for Little Workshop

Router TableKreg PRS2000 Benchtop Router Table is designed for all aspiring carpenters, contractors and other individual who loves home wood works. This is one of best router table, best for your woodwork tools collections. Its portability is one of the advantages that most carpenters are benefited because it can transfer conveniently anytime and anywhere you want. It doesn’t also consume much storage space. You can conveniently work at home especially if you are rendering woodwork services because it operates silently but function well when it comes to accuracy and leaving smooth surface.

  • What makes it advantageous is because of its wonderful features. These features are all indispensable to all carpenters and wood workers enthusiast. The following are some of the best features of Kreg PRS2000.
  • It has rugged steel stand that support its weight and dampening rubber feet that lessen the possible vibration to eliminate the sound during operation.
  • It also has Edgebanded Reinforced MDF Top measures 16 x 24 inches and a tabletop that withstand 16 inches tall.
  • Another is the impact Resistant and Easy-to-slide Micro-Dot skin that allows you to have result with smooth surface.
  • It also has Phenolic Insert Plate that measures 9 ¼ x 11 ¾ x 3/8 inches.
  • It is made with unique Bottom-Up levelers including its 8 feature of individual contact points used for leveling accuracy.
  • It allows the table to double vertically using the independent fences faces.
  • Another additional feature is the vacuum shroud to maintain the cleanliness of your working space.
  • The package is also includes Custom Insert Plate Drilling Program.


It has many advantages when it comes to precision which is needed by all wood workers. The convenience and the ease to use are brought by its wonderful features. Most wood works are done at home and it is more convenient if you would not disturb others during operation. This is possible with the use of Kreg PRS2000 because it has the ability to control and manage vibration to reduce sounds that might affect your neighbors. There is nothing can compare to when it comes to precision and with impact resistant and easy-to-slide Micro-Dot skin, you can now have your smooth surface wood ready to use. Kreg PRS2000 is known for its portability to use. You can operate it anywhere you want and it doesn’t consume much storage space. It is very convenient to use on your working space and it is easy to assemble and to disassemble.  In additional, it is made in durable materials that can last for long time used with vacuum shroud for the maintaining the cleanliness of your working space once used.


Although it has brought a lot of advantages especially on the convenience of use, there are also few of its cons found in some reviews online. One is that the corner pieces that holds level plate has threaded plastic inserts. Half of that plastic inserts are ruined once tightened. Despite of this concern, you can use a substitute like the used of glue to hold it in place and it works well as your remedy.


Kreg PRS2000 Benchtop Router Table receives the fair ratings but good on overall quality on some online reviews.

Despite of its irregularities and less expensive price, its function provides high quality when it comes to precision, portability and durability. It offers all the room you want to make the most demanding projects. Therefore ir is still recommended as one of your excellent choice in the market today.